About Mark

Mark Carter has been an elementary occasional teacher with the District School Board of Niagara for nine years. He is an authentic voice for occasional teachers who understands the concerns and challenges faced by teachers new to the profession and attempting to establish their careers, as well as the professional challenges and vulnerabilities which affect occasional teachers.

Mark graduated from Brock University in 1995, then spent seven years in the computer industry before returning to school to complete his professional training in education at D'Youville College. An occasional teacher and union activist since 2003, he is a dogged idealist dedicated to improving the professional stature of teachers, ensuring that teachers as workers are always given due process and dealt with fairly, and overall creating a better world for his students.

Mark is devoted to advocating for occasional teachers, with the overall goal of occasional teaching becoming a respected and viable career branch within the teaching profession.

Mark's qualifications include:
  • Seven years on the ETFO Niagara OT Local Executive; he is currently the Treasurer.
  • Seven years as his Local's WSIB-certified member of his school board's Multi-Workplace Joint Health and Safety Committee.
  • Seven years as webmaster of his Local's website, NiagaraOT.org
  • Local delegate to the Niagara Regional Labour Council.
  • Webmaster for the Niagara Regional Labour Council's website, NiagaraLabour.ca
  • ETFO Union School graduate, and has also taken the CLC's Labour Law course.
  • Deeply involved in collective bargaining in his local.
  • Four years (one as Chair) serving on ETFO's Provincial New Members Standing Committee.
  • Annual delegate (seven years and counting) to ETFO's Annual General Meeting, where he has been instrumental in getting several resolutions passed which are very friendly to occasional teacher interests.