Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thanks to those who voted for me.

I just want to extend a warm thank you to all the people that voted for me.  While I was not elected, I enjoyed the exploration of various issues which took place on the Voter Forum.

Curiously, very few of the successful candidates participated at all in the Voter Forum... I'm not sure what that means for College governance; I suspect it's not a good thing that the people that were elected didn't participate in their opportunity to interact with constituents.  With a shamefully low 3.75% voter turnout (8,850 voters out of 236,209 eligible voters!), and mostly silent candidates being elected, I'm baffled as to what motivated the voting decisions of those who voted.  The amount of effort put in by candidates to actually earn votes apparently had no bearing on results. 

With the level of apathy reflected in the voter turnout, this profession deserves whatever it gets from College Council, and has no right to complain.  Which is a shame, because we're faced by a government that's clearly hostile towards teachers, and a weak College Council provides an easy back door for some nasty things to be foisted upon us.

That being said, I'll be leaving this website up in the hopes that one or two of the successful candidates will reference it and take note of some of my ideas and analysis of the issues.

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